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I agree to remit the payment for the pre-registration profile assessment to the Kaya Relocation Services.

I acknowledge that the pre-registration assessment is a transaction solely between myself (i.e., customer) and the organization, and it does not establish a client-consultant relationship. I also comprehend and accept that this organization does not conduct the assessment and cannot guarantee its outcome. Moreover, I recognize and agree that this organization has no affiliation with the Canadian government and is not a governmental agency.

I understand that the pre-registration profile assessment is not advice, representation, or a service provided in association with an immigration process or an application before the Federal Government of Canada.
By signing this document I do accept Terms and The conditions .

Additionally, I comprehend that the pre-registration profile assessment is a preliminary step taken before any determination regarding my suitability for an immigration process has been established.

Thank you! Your form has been submitted.

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